Which Book Categories Outsell All Others?

Among all of the hype among the most famed authors, the harsh reality sets in.  Most authors make just about under $1000 bucks per month.  The people that we are most familiar with have sold millions of copies of books and therefore generated massive profits.  Maybe if you are struggling to get noticed or are an veteran in the business, you may want to know what genre of books sell the best.  After all, you do probably want to get a leg up on the competition.  Not surprisingly, focusing on one niche has proven to be a very successful.  Let us explore the best selling genres shall we.

Two popular authors from this category come to mind.  They are Stephen King and Dean Koontz.  This is not as nearly as popular as the other categories we will mention. Some people absolutely love horror books but some just cannot be bothered.  This is the same with scary movies.  Some people like watching scary movies and just want no parts of it.  Perhaps that is wht this category does not perform as well as the others.

Science Fiction and Fantasy
J.K. Rowling seems to come to mind in this category.  What is not to love about science fiction and fantasy?  Who doesn’t want to be taken into a fantasy world to escape the realities of the real world?  I know many who enjoy this aspect of the fantasy novels themselves.  Fans seem not to be able to get enough as one book turns into a series that can go on forever.

Well, this shouldn’t be a surprise.  People have deeply religious beliefs.  If they do not identify with a certain denomination, some people still identify as being spiritual.  Sales of the holy bible continue to thrive each year!

Mystery/Crime Novels
People like to be kept on the edge of their seats.  When you bring in true whodunit stories, you just may have a recipe for success.  John Grisham comes to mind in this category.

Can anyone say 50 shades of grey?  Sex sells period.  This tops the list at over 1 billion in sales anually.  Romance and erotica caters to people’s sexual fantasies.  Imagine a buff handsome man pulling up to your driveway on a motorcycle, moped, or scooter delivering a special package for you.  You anxiously await and when he arrives you let him in…   Need I say More.

Other Genres

People really love their hobbies and personal interests.  The topics of how-to books are numerous including Sewing, crafting, and jewelry making just to name a few.  Someone in my family just got a Singer 7258.  Since she was a beginner, a lot of the Singer 7258 reviews she read suggested she purchase a beginning sewing book so she did. She loves everything there is about sewing now.

E-book sales also tend to do very well, especially in the health and wealth niches.  Alternative health overall is doing well. This blog offers alternative health advice on everything from getting rid of gerd, popular weight loss pills as well as safe diet pill alternatives.  Popular weight loss pills such as phentermine are reviewed.  People will always want to live longer and prosper financially.

If you are not writing in these popular genres, maybe you should reconsider.

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