Should You Self-Publish or Not?

People’s attitudes differ when it comes to whether or not they should self publish.  Some people are undecided, some entertain the idea, and others really have no interest.  Some people were unaware of all of their options when it actually came to self publishing which only left them confused and possibly not knowing if they indeed made the right choice.

Definition of Self-publishing

People automatically assume that self-publishing involves the author wearing many hats.  This includes and is not limited to:  publisher, editor, publicist, sales manager, etc.  However, many times this does not have to be the case.  You can outsource a lot of the above mentioned so that you can spend your time more wisely.
The actual definition of self-publishing is that the author publishes his or her own work rather than a third party publisher.  People really do not realize that this way of publishing has been around since the beginning of time.   The overall percentage is low of this type of publishing method but it has quickly been gaining steam in the last decade or so.  There are so many mediums where one can be successful at self-publishing which has allowed these authors to be very successful.
Vanity Publishing vs Self Publishing
The two terms have different meanings.  Vanity publishing simply means that a publishing company provides physically bound copies of a book for a fee.  They usually require that you pay for a minimum order up front.  Usually, this service is helpful when there is a relatively small audience such as family genealogies, poem collections or for your own personal use. This may still be a choice if you actually require your work to be in a physical book format.  In a way vanity publishing overlaps with self-publishing services because they exist where you can also print books on demand.  This means that the author can print only what is needed for his or her convenience.  Since the invention of the internet, more and more books are being sold digitally instead of in traditional print format.

Self-publishing can be a great option for any author so it is definitely something you should explore.