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There are people to whom paperwork as they call it is an outrage. Whether it is bank statements, invoices or payslips, the documents fly around in a drawer, they are simply annoying. This is also the case with many loans. Papers such as proof of income or other documents must be brought in there. But for these customers there is a loan without paperwork.

The loan without paperwork – solutions

The loan without paperwork - solutions

Germany is a bureaucratic state. There are papers and documents for everything and for that. These papers also apply when applying for a loan. There is proof of identity, proof of possible credit protection, proof of income, papers on papers, but all are necessary. A credit without paperwork is the overdraft facility – or overdraft facility – that banks provide to their solvent customers. If the customer has a credit requirement, they only need to speak to their bank or call and apply for a credit limit. The bank will check the account for income and expenses. If she sees that income is flowing regularly on a monthly basis, two to three monthly salaries are provided in most cases.

This is a loan with no paperwork, applied for quickly and easily. However, there are a few things to consider when using it. The disposition should only be used for short-term use. The reason is to be found in the high interest rate level, which is in the double-digit range. If the customer wants to save here, they can look for another bank. There are also different interest rate movements in the overdraft facility. Even with account management, this can be noticeable if the account is managed for free. Whose bank charges up to 17% for the overdraft facility should definitely change.

The so-called credit line, which is offered by some banks up to 6.7%, has similar paperless provisions. Once the credit line has been applied for, the customer can use it again and again. The banks are also flexible when it comes to repayment. If the customer needs the credit for a certain time and the account is then zero, the credit line is suspended. No costs will be charged. The bank only charges interest for the amount that is used.

The alternatives

The alternatives

Another way to get a loan without paperwork can only be seen in an instant loan. The other form of credit, which, for example, requires proof of creditworthiness, forces customers to rummage through their papers until the necessary documents are together. However, if a loan is applied for that has the prospect of success without this annoying search, you can opt for an instant loan.

However, the instant loan is only given with small amounts, i.e. practically as a small loan. The creditworthiness is checked using the simplified test procedure. Of course, the legally required documents have to be provided, as well as proof of salary. This credit is checked on the basis of the Credit Bureau data and the score. The bank can query both of these automatically, thus sparing the loan seeker with annoying paperwork. The clerk only checks whether the loan agreement has been properly signed. He will also briefly check whether the income matches the information provided in the self-disclosure and whether it is sufficiently high.

Of course, the customer needs a good credit rating for the loan. No bank in the world will grant a loan without having thoroughly checked its customers’ creditworthiness. The instant loan is quickly checked and processed and is made available to the customer without any red tape.

If you apply for a microcredit that should only have a term of 30 days, special care will be taken to ensure that the loan corresponds to his name without paperwork. As a first-time customer, you can easily apply for up to $ 500. Of course, the legal regulations such as the ID check must be carried out. A bank will not grant credit to anonymous customers. If the customer has reached the status of existing customer, up to 3,000 dollars will be made available to them. If you can believe the promises on this loan portal, the loan amount should even be available within 30 minutes after the loan was approved.

However, the bank has to pay a bit for this service. The interest rate on this loan without paperwork is 13.99% APR.

Where does the customer with bad credit get a loan without a lot of paperwork?

Where does the customer with bad credit get a loan without a lot of paperwork?

What about customers with poor credit ratings? Can he also get a loan without paperwork? There are only a few providers who grant a loan if the credit rating is weak. The exception could be private donors, which can also be found on the corresponding portals. They are certainly not as quick as a normal credit bank, but the loan is easy to apply for. The market leader in private loans is Smava and Auxmoney.

The ID check is also necessary for personal loans, here too the donors want to know who they are dealing with. But that should normally be all that comes with paperwork. Everything that is feasible is requested on the Internet. The customer creates a meaningful profile and makes his loan request trustworthy. The chances, if you can believe the reviews of satisfied customers, are not bad, even with a bad credit rating.

If the customer is lucky, he will receive a loan without paperwork and may be able to count on the best interest rate.

Then there is a loan that does not require any paperwork and delivers cash. That is the loan from the pawnshop. If someone has valuable things to pawn, the pawnshop is a good contact for super-fast cash. If the customer is liquid again, he can trigger his things again. The whole loan only needs a signature on the contract.

The credit for mail order and goods trading is also quickly settled. The loan application is quite short, mostly it can be filled out by hand, which takes only a few minutes. If the customer already has a certain customer status, he often does not need to provide proof of his income. This is particularly advantageous for regular customers who have always paid on time. Then it is often sufficient to state the amount of income. It is customers who have always paid for their goods on time, who receive great trust from department stores. So you can buy up to 1,000 dollars without proof of income.

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