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Usually significantly more expensive than normal installment loans for the self-employed without Credit Bureau information – Credit Bureau-free loans for the self-employed it is already difficult enough for the self-employed and self-employed to receive an installment loan. Use our experience in the area of ​​creation-neutral loans, which Smava and Auxmoney cannot do without Credit Bureau or other credit checks, but also grant loans with lower ratings. I have experience with a credit without a credit check. A “real” loan without Credit Bureau information A loan without Credit Bureau is possible abroad, since Credit Bureau is a purely German institution that is not represented abroad and therefore does not play a role in lending. If he applies for a loan application without Credit Bureau, the information from the agent from the hall automatically leads to higher interest rates compared to a normal loan with a query of the current Credit Bureau score.

Credit without Credit Bureau query? 

Credit without Credit Bureau query? 

SOLUTION: The demand for loans of all kinds is still high. In most cases, you can easily and quickly submit a loan to a branch or online. However, the granting of a loan may well be refused. This is usually due to the fact that the potential borrower has access to the Credit Bureau.

If you apply for a normal loan on the Internet or at a branch, the creditworthiness is determined on the basis of a Credit Bureau query. If there is a negative booking, no loan can usually be granted. When granting a loan, the credit institutions want to ensure that it can be repaid. Most credit institutions therefore refuse to grant loans if the credit check with Credit Bureau is unsuccessful.

Information about the Credit Bureau data is an integral part of the credit check at the German railways. If you fall through the network of credit institutions, you usually have to look for a loan without Credit Bureau query. The reason: If Credit Bureau data is bad, consumers are classified as not or less creditworthy and credit institutions rate the default risk higher.

Borrowing is therefore generally not possible

Borrowing is therefore generally not possible

This is not the case with a loan without Credit Bureau. In the case of such a loan, the relevant information is either not requested or a loan is granted despite the weak Credit Bureaudaten. In most cases, however, this is only possible if the contribution is small or has already been completed but has not yet been deleted.

Attention: When borrowing without Credit Bureau, the borrower should not ignore his own economic situation. For example, if you are dependent on relatively cheap monthly installments, you should choose a longer period when applying for a loan. If you want to keep the loan costs as low as possible, especially from a low interest rate level, the loan term should be as short as possible.

Our competent team of experts will give you a rating tailored to your requirements within 24 hours. You cannot claim a loan without a Credit Bureau at a branch, but only on the Internet. Only a few providers, to which we belong, offer this special loan. Badly neutral loans have also become known as Swiss loans because in Switzerland they were mostly granted by credit institutions based in Switzerland.

Credit Bureau is a purely German-speaking institution that is independent of Credit Bureau and does not operate in Germany and therefore has no involvement in lending. Those who want to take out a loan in Germany need not fear that a Credit Bureau query will take place. In the case of a loan without Credit Bureau from home and abroad, not only does the Credit Bureau data not have to be requested, but the loan granted is not recorded.

Therefore, neither the house bank nor the client are informed about the requested loan. In addition, Credit Bureau is not affected by the loan and does not prevent future financing or a loan. The amount of the loan for a loan without Credit Bureau is limited. In exceptional cases, higher amounts can be granted, but are only available on request.

Attention: The fees for a loan without Credit Bureau are higher than for a normal loan due to the increased risk that the credit institutions assume.

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