Do Photo Books Sell?

One reader e-mailed me an interesting question last week. So, I decided to write this article. They basically wanted to know if photo/image books sell. My reply was simply: Yes. However, this is not one of the best selling genres so you do need to operate very strategically. Of course, I do not recommend this as something you start out with unless you are a photographer. If you are an amateur or professional photographer, you may be looking for more ways to profit from your work besides doing deals with traditional publishers. Here, we will outline some of the best ways to get your photo book published and selling. Since there are a variety of ways to get your work out there, make sure to utilize these tips.

Choose a Different Subject

There are plenty of photo books that have the same subjects. Don’t choose a subject that is already heavily saturated. Maybe one of your hobbies is scuba diving.¬†You could do a book full of underwater photography. Maybe there is a specific type of creature that is unique that you can gain access to. If you are a tattoo artist, maybe you can highlight your unique collection of tattoo ideas or unique spin on tribal butterfly tattoos. If you like nature, maybe you could take photos that show global warming is indeed a problem. If you love motorcycles, maybe you could do a book about vintage scooters. You could compare and contrast the old with the new scooters, bikes and children’s scooters.

Know Your Audience
Make sure you have a specific audience in mind before you start snapping pictures. As previously stated, learn as much as you can about the people who will actually buy your book. Age, income, marital status, etc. are all important identifiers. Make sure that your audience is willing to buy what you are selling.

Pick a Number
Decide on how many books you can sell? 500-5000 are a realistic number when you are just starting out. Access the Writer’s Digest series to get more information on
the market and the photography audience.

Research Your Publishing Options
Alright, so make sure to research what publishing option is the best for you. There have been some great books on self publishing so do not hesitate to read up on
them. Seeking out a traditional publisher may prove difficult as I have already mentioned this. It is hard for anyone to take chances on an unkniwn author? Thanks
for reading!

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