Creating A Relaxing Writing Space

If at home is where you spend the majority of your time, then you may find it hard to be able to create a designated space where you can solely concentrate on writing. If you have children, you may spend a lot of time doing chores around the house and just being a parent.  The room you may have designated as your work space may be a place where your creative juices may not be able to flow freely.

If you haven’t already, make a space specifically designed for writing.  It can be a den, a guest bedroom, the basement, a large closet, etc.  It can even be a designated space within a room itself.

Set the Mood With Color
Neutral colors are deemed as relaxing.  If your room is filled with dark colors, try to lighten up the feel of the room with bright colors.  Good colors are white and light blue for example.  There are several free apps that can help you play around with colors with a room that is similar to yours.

Mix and Move around your furniture
Pull that writing desk closer to the window and open up the curtain.  Add some thin and sleek furniture to the mix that is also comfortable.  I was online looking at stainless steel garbage bins and sleek canisters in all sizes that open and close by a sensor.  Furniture and appliances nowadays are meant to be both functional and stylish at the same time.

Please remove anthing that is clunky and really does not serve a purpose.  This could be bulky furniture, stacks of paper, unecessary accessories.  Allow as much room as possible to freely move around.

Add some fresh flowers or plants in the room and you may also throw in some soothing music.

So, I hope you can take these steps and create a space that is both relaxing and functional.

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